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Altered Beast

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Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

Complete The game (25 points): Finish the game.
Renaissance Man (25 points): Start the game once with each of the four difficulty settings.
Points III (25 points): Score 350,000 points.
Untouchable (25 points): Reach the third level without losing a life.
Points II (15 points): Score 250,000 points.
Boss III (15 points): Defeat the third level boss.
Boss I (15 points): Defeat the first level boss.
Wolf Hunter (15 points): Kill 30 two-headed wolves.
Multiple Beasts (10 points): Play in an online multiplayer game.
Points I (10 points): Score 150,000 points.
Three in a Row (10 points): Collect Spirit Balls from the first three White Wolves in any level - Single Player mode only.
Giant Man (10 points): Collect a Spirit Ball.


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